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Illustration synchronisation

The HUB saves only your access token and the metadatas from your activities. Emails and passwords are not saved.

What does access token means ?

Access tokens allow the Hub to perform actions on your behalf. By using access tokens, the Hub never needs to store your username or password. In order to obtain an access token, the Hub may need to ask for your credentials - which are erased immediately after being exchanged for an access token.

What does activity metadata means ?

Activity Medatada are the basic details of any activity: start time, time zone, duration, distance, and type. The Hub needs to store this information to determine which activities should be synchronized to each of your accounts.

What constitutes Activity data ?

Activity data is the complete record of an activity: the GPS track, sensor data, and all metadata.

The Hub moves your activities between the services you connect. Other than the basic metadata mentioned above, your activity data is not stored on the Hub servers. No activity data or metdata is ever shared with third parties beyond the accounts you connect. However, the services you connect may, of their own accord, share your activity data with third parties. For instance, please consult the privacy policy for the services you connect in order to determine how they handle your data.

Exporting and erasing your personal data

The data the Hub stores regarding your accounts and activities is automatically deleted once you disconnect your last service from Only diagnostic logs regarding your account will remain for a limited period afterwards - but are not stored permanently. During this process, any activities that the Hub synchronized to the services you connected will remain untouched. If you wish to receive a copy of all the data the Hub has stored regarding your user account, or request the deletion of this data, please contact us and mention GDPR in the subject line.