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Synchronize your sport activity trackers with DECATHLON

Questions / Answers


We have created this service to facilitate the portability of sports data from our DECATHLON products to Strava, for example, but also to be able to group sports activities from other manufacturers (Garmin, Polar, Fitbit...) within your DECATHLON applications.

What do I have to do to use Hub by DECATHLON?

Just connect to all the services you would like to sync between, then you can click on "Sync now". After this step, the next synchronizations should be automatic.

Which services are uni-directional ?

Garmin Health, Coros and Polar only support retrieving activites.
Strava only accepts new activities, it is not possible to retrieve activities from Strava.

Do I need to re-connect my accounts every time?

No. Just connect to any one of the services you have already connected, and you will be signed back into Hub by DECATHLON and ready to start another synchronization.

Do I need to visit to sync activities?

No. Synchronization is fully automatic. You can also manually trigger a synchronization any time you want.

Which activities get synchronized?

All supported activities in your account are synchronized. Garmin Health and Polar are two exceptions : it is one way could only get activities from Garmin and Polar.

Will Hub by DECATHLON create duplicated activities?

No - even if you tracked the same activity on multiple devices, or with multiple apps, Hub by DECATHLON will see that and won't create any duplicated activities.

What data gets synchronized?

As much as possible: in addition to your path, Hub by DECATHLON will also sync distance, speed, heart rate, cadence, power, calories burned and even temperature between all services which support them.

The activity statistics changed after a sync!

Discrepancies in activity statistics, like elevation gained/lost or calories burned, appear when services use different algorithms to calculate the same values. Hub by DECATHLON does not calculate these during synchronization.

Can I view which activities were synchronized?

When logged in, you can visit the activities dashboard to see which activities were (or were not) synchronized, and to where.

Does Hub by DECATHLON ever modify or delete my activities?

No. Simple as that.

What data is stored on your servers?

As little as is required. Check out the privacy page for more.

How do I connect more services?

Just sign into any one of the services you already connected, then sign into the new service (or the other way around, it doesn't matter). The new service will be synchronized with all the others.

What about Fitbit?

When you want to log your Fitbit account with the HUB, don't forget to consent every sub-services of Fitbit. With Fitbit you can retrieve complete activity information such as GPS data and cardiac data. But on the other hand, Fitbit will only be able to retrieve summaries of the activities carried out on the other services.

What about Garmin Health?

The application is on read-only mode. This means that it can retrieve complete activity information such as GPS data and cardiac data. But on the other hand, Garmin Health will not be able to recover the activities of other services.

Will Hub by DECATHLON support Activity Tracking Site X?

Possibly. We are open to contribute to connected sport ecosystem.